​​"Despite [the] increasingly popular opinion that music is solely for entertainment, all genres... possess and integral role in self-discovery and without it we as humans do not gain full insight into who we are. As a result, we must view all forms and aspects of song as a method to reach our complete potential by recognizing music's ability to help us understand our personalities and develop our characters, help us regulate mood, and create a more understanding outlook on our capabilities and mistakes."

The Applied Learning Project is an academic as well as a hands-on experience that allows students to demonstrate and display their mastery of the 21st century skills they acquire during their years at Mansfield High School. Students propose a topic or area of which they have a desire or passion to explore. Students develop a challenging but achievable project goals that represent a “learning stretch.”Students then complete minimum of 20 fieldwork hours.In addition to fieldwork, Senior Project students also complete a research paper on a topic related to their fieldwork and also create a digital portfolio. The Senior Project culminates in a final presentation before a Senior Project board that consists of faculty and community members. Students are guided through each aspect of the Senior Project program through a variety of assignments, class meetings, and individual conferences.

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