"Everything I Never Wanted" By Stacy Lavalley - MP3

Written by Scott Leifer and Jeff Pongonis (C) Copyright 2018

Kids of a New Generation" (Single MP3) by Marc Sherman - MP3

The latest rocking single from Marc Sherman

"Pull You Under" by The Something - MP3 Single

New single from Boston's rock power trio The Something!

"Heartbroken Home" By Stacy Lavalley - MP3 single

Written by Scott Leifer and Jeff Pongonis.  (C) Copyright 2017

"The Everlasting Unknown" (Single MP3) by The Something - MP3

Songs4Everybody Productions Song Sampler, Vol. 1 - MP3

Most recent collection of songwriting and recordings featuring talented artists from Songs4Everybody!

"Terra Incognita" (EP) by God Fearing Man - MP3

God Fearing Man's 2003 CD release now available digitally!

"Three Kinds of Crazy" (Single) by The Something - mp3

The Something's newest fun and catchy party rocker with a country-edge!

Share the Love by Brooke Leifer - MP3

"Live At The Station" by God Fearing Man - (MP3 Album)

"Toughen Up!" (EP) by The Something - (MP3 EP)

Released Dec 2015, this is the latest from Boston based rock outfit The Something!

"God Fearing Man" by God Fearing Man - (MP3 Album)

Boston’s own God Fearing Man provides an unmistakable brand of catchy, up-tempo guitar driven pop/rock with tightly blended harmonies, which are original, yet, pleasingly memorable.

Singles - Brooke Leifer - MP3

"Riverside" (EP) by Marc Sherman - (iTunes EP)

"What Would You Do If I Were You?" by The Something - (MP3 Album)

"Amneja Vu II" by Amneja Vu - By Amneja Vu (MP3 Album)

"Letters Unread" By Scott Leifer - (MP3 Album)

"Amneja Vu" by Amneja Vu - (MP3 Album)

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