Songs4Everybody run their own  Sonic Provocateur Productions studio in Taunton, MA just 40 minutes south of Boston for your convenience.  Please use our CONTACT page to request rates and additional information!



Sonar Platinum Producer DAW

Software:Reaktor 5, Kontakt 5 Melodyne, Addictive Drums 2, Dimension Pro 1.2, Rapture, Guitar Rig 5, Nomad Factory, z3ta+ Beatscape 1.0.2, etc

Native Instruments, TASCAM and Alesis Interfaces

Alesis I/O 26 FireWire Interface

Alesis LX20 ADAT Type II 20-Bit Digital 8-Track

Mackie Event Project Studio monitoring

DigiTech, KHDK, Marshall and Guitar Processing

Shure, MXL and AKG microphones

Alesis MIDI

Gibson and Fender guitars

Marshall and Mesa Amplification


United States Forest Service

Project Green Schools

CHPS (Collaborative of High Performance Schools)

Mansfield High School Applied Learning Project

Stacy Lavalley

Brooke Leifer

Mr Eco

The Something

Joe Merrick

Ashley Jordan

Summer Sky Digital Media

John Robert Murphy

Matt Taylor

Abby Sitte

Graceplay U.S.A.

Media Results

Dan Flaherty

Daniel Bon and the Future Ghosts

Lee Surrette

Planet Envy

Marc Sherman

Pat Boufford

Krystal Mariner

Scott Leifer

God Fearing Man

Amneja Vu


Nikki Chancey

Maura Campbell

Matt Taylor


Professional Images by Michael Carroll Photography

Sample Songs

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